The second home model has recently appeared in Vietnam but has been a strong development for decades in developed countries. This type of “a second home” serves the purpose of short-term family vacation every weekend, or tourist seasons. Second home model in Vietnam can be rented in time without demand of owners.

Tourism development entails a strong investment of resort real estate developers. More and more high quality, world-class accommodation facilities with integrated utility chains. Second home model Vietnam meets the needs of sightseeing and enjoy convenient services with high-class entertainment activities of domestic and foreign tourists.

For owners of a vacation home for rent, the vibrant level of the local resort market plays an important role. Buyers often pay attention to the sub-lease of real estate, agreement on profits and operating costs. These are the three factors that affect the rate of return on investment and profits of second home.

The development of transport infrastructure, tourist sites, accommodation facilities… is creating great opportunities for resort real estate. Developers are also increasingly creative in developing new types of products, new ways to attract investors and visitors. This contributes to creating a large capital for development instead of relying on bank credit.

At the resort real estate forum just taken place in Ho Chi Minh City, Professor Dang Hung Vo. Former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. He affirmed that this type of real estate is still highly potential for both short and long term development. Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, the total amount of tourism real estate in Vietnam is still far below. The development of transport infrastructure, tourist sites,… is creating great opportunities for resort real estate.

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